100 new games?

They are cubes with pictures on the faces. Not very good cubes either - some of the sides are longer than others

You need to roll a witch or greater to dodge the Orc’s cruel axe…

I’m really enjoying the start of this process. There’s a lot of quick creation, followed by sharing and debrief. And the things we’re creating are all, in some way or another, games. We’ve joked that we’ll create 100 games before we’re finished, and given the current rate it’s not too much of an exaggeration. Hopefully at some point we’ll stop making new games and start to develop and refine older ideas, but for now it’s really fun. Plus, hopefully it’ll give us a big pool of shared experiences to draw from later.

Yesterday, I bought a set of dice with pictures on them. They’re supposed to be for a collaborative storytelling game – you roll forest, mermaid, sword, witch, etc and then come up a story that ties them together. Some of the results look really interesting for the work we’re doing – rolling storm, or forest, or even giant pumpkin could really add something to an environmental model. But I’m not sure how we could include results such as the fairy, the haunted house or almost any of the symbols on the super-powers die.

Mostly for our benefit, here’s a manifest for each of the dice:

Dragon, magic potion, four leaf clover, treasure chest, night, sword

Ghost, hourglass, wolf, child, mirror, ring

Gaol, spell book, mask, bat, shovel, haunted house

Gnome, cave, rainbow, bow, wand, magic spiral (red)

Mermaid, witch, explosion, owl, knight, mouse

Princess, rain, troll, top hat, skull, magic spiral (red)

Castle, poison, prince, tree, cat, pumpkin

Frog, wizard, broom, shooting star, fairy, forest

And the red die:

Time travel, super strength, flying, seeing the future, duplication, invisibility cloak.

Anyone have some cool uses for (one, a few, all) these dice?

– David Shaw


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