Some videos of the process so far

Hey, so just to keep us up to date: we’ve been capturing some of the process of creation on film, and we now have our very own Modelling Play Vimeo Channel (see link on the right). However, in case you’re interested, here’s a selection of our games in one swathe.

Muttley and David created a game entitled Volleyball Farm, in which players managed different farms (a party farm, a gulag farm, a cat farm, a triangle farm and of course the eponymous volleyball farm) and tried to collaborate to insure each other against bad years and to collaborate to build a giant statue of the buddha. A community bank acted as a shared common resource which was tempting to exploit. Created on the sixth day.

Nathan, Rachel and Nikki created the Four Farms game, which involved placing pieces of infrastructure and landscape (bridges and forests), involving silent voting and compromise. This took place on our fifth day in the space.

Rachel and Nikki created a game in which players took control of an ants nest. In the first half you allotted resources to produce different kinds of ant, from soldiers to workers to males. In the second half, those different types allowed you to create trails leading to different kinds of food. In this clip, Rachel reads a story about the male ants and Ikea. Created on our sixth day.

Town and Islandi were two of the small pseudo models we created in our first week of development. Town looks at some imagined effects resource allocation could make upon a town environment, while in Islandi players negotiate to balance the impact of fishing and logging on a small island. Both are very rough sketches of what we are attempting with the project, but a beginning nonetheless.


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