The Exciting Carpark of Batemans Vegas


This week we have moved from looking at the individual components and mechanisms – that could be employed in performing around a system – to looking at what a modeling process actually is.  Working out how a system functions is not easy, everything relates to everything else somehow after all, and it all gets complex very quickly. I have found learning the language of systems analysis and understanding what affects what in a system a little tricky. But this process does give a very good analysis of a system, taking into account multiple aspects and perspectives.

Now we have done our analysis of our beach system , we are each taking on a smaller sub systems to design a game or mechanism for, which displays the negotiations that must occur within that area. Each of these small sub system games should then (theoretically) be able to affect the next game and the next, all the way along (and back), as they are interrelated and dependent on one another. Our big challenge next week will be to fit them all together and see if they really do operate just like that.

My sub system is the car park at the beach. I am going to be examining and displaying how the amount parking allowed will affect the businesses, the tourist and local peoples satisfaction with the beach, and also the impact upon the environment – specifically the sand dunes adjacent to the beach (a perfect parking spot for frustrated drivers who can’t locate a park). Using a planning element in the design of the car park for maximal efficiency, and then by testing the ability of the design to withhold the amount of tourist and local traffic moving in and out of the car park in a peak season day the mechanism looks at the use of space to maximum effect, and at how successful it is at allowing for fluctuations in use.

If my mechanism operates as it should then it will output some measure of how relations between the local people and the tourists that visit their beach are (for Rachel to use in her model) or/and the level of impact upon the sand dunes – a natural habitat for grass, wildlife and the towns teenage population (for Nathan to use in his model). We attempt to put them all together on Monday.

Is this a performance about modeling, or one in which modeling is used? Or both?



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