Show and Tell

Just a brief note here about our upcoming Show and Tell this Thursday 15 November at the London Science Museum’s Dana Centre. Our charming UK hosts Coney have joined forces with the Dana Centre to put together this salon event in which a selection of artists and scientists will discuss the ever-more porous boundary between the arts and the sciences. The blurb:

Expert game makers Coney are taking over the Dana Centre for an evening of science, performance, art and play. A variety of speakers will take part in ‘Show and Tell’, showing off projects and posing questions about a topic of their choice.

Speakers include Applespiel, Boho Interactive, Emilie Grenier (Comme Des Machines), Tom Bowtell (Coney), Jon Spooner (Unlimited Theatre) and others.

We’ve left things up to the speakers’ imaginations so we don’t know exactly where the evening will take us – anything from exploring play and make believe, to revisiting the Prisoner’s Dilemma, mythological practice, textiles from the future, how complex noises affect memory, and more.

Coney’s Show and Tell Salons are open spaces for conversation sparked by presentations from invited speakers about questions and ideas within their practice. Join us to take part in conversations inspired by these seeds.

This is a pretty exciting lineup to be on, and I’m really looking forward to it. Muttley and I representing Boho are going to pull out some old pieces from the back catalogue and get to discussing A Prisoner’s Dilemma. Games with coins, pieces of straw, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Doug Hofstadter’s button game ahoy.

A Prisoner’s Dilemma, 2008. Image by ‘pling.

If you’d like to come along, get to this link. The event is free, but please pre-book.


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