Show and Tell Salon

As we veer into our final two weeks in London (one week at UCL and one at the Battersea Arts Centre) we’re starting to feel the panic and heartache that comes with taking eight weeks’ worth of ideas and experiments and throwing them all out, in order to end up with a final show. But before that painful (and ultimately really rewarding and exciting) process begins in earnest (tomorrow), I’m going to post a couple of clips from the Show and Tell Salon the other night. Coney curated and presented the salon, which was an evening of artists and creatives talking about the intersection of their work with science at the London Science Museum’s Dana Centre. We were lucky enough to present alongside Coney’s Tom Bowtell, Emilie Grenier and other sparkling thought-mongers.

Here’s Muttley and I talking about Boho Interactive’s show A Prisoner’s Dilemma.

And Applespiel discussing their works Sexy Urban Design Team and Snail Piece.

Thank you kindly to Coney and the Dana Centre for having us, and to all the audience who showed up and had opinions about things.

One other sad note – at this point in the process, we say farewell to Muttley / David Shaw, as he has to return to Australia to be a maths journalist. This is a shame, as Muttley is a pretty key piece of the puzzle in terms of how this piece has come together. On the other hand, we’ve been fortunate to have him as long as we have. So now we get to see what happens when the four of us (Nathan, Rachel, Nikki and myself) set out on our own.

– David F


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