Last night in London

T-shirts: Nathan wears a Kanye, Rachel wears Rihanna, Nikki wears the Rolling Stones and mine just says GIRLS ROCK

Right, this is it! My last night in London, Nathan and Rachel are currently en route to the airport, Nikki leaves on Monday, this is IT.

It has been a big week. We moved in to the Battersea Arts Centre on Monday and lived there until Friday night. We presented three  scratches to the general public, all three sold out. We had three amazing audiences who gave us heaps of constructive criticism, and we’ve had the chance to really dig into the practicalities of presenting the work pretty seriously.

The overall outcome has been, for me at least, that the show has potential. It has a long way to go, but all the people giving us feedback have pointed out things that they thought were positive, as well as things that we need to address and develop. The science is not overwhelming. The games are not terrible. The story and the setting are not embarrassing. There is something here.

So now the question is, where to from here? Well first of all, we need to take a step back and give it some space. It will be healthy to get a little distance from this thing we’ve been working on full-time for over two months now. But then it would be great to get our teeth back into it before too long. And to do that, we need to organise funding, support, figure out which direction we want to take it in and where we might start looking for opportunities.

If anyone’s reading this blog and has any thoughts on places and/or people who might be interested in hosting the next stage of development for a tabletop interactive performance exploring concepts from systems modelling, please drop us a line. I’m sure there are heaps of people out there – but who are they and what do they look like?

These are questions for the next few weeks. But for now, we’re tallying up our experience and digging in to the feedback we’ve been kindly provided by our audiences these last few days. I’d like to say thank you heaps to everyone who’s come along and taken part or been involved in this stage of the project – it’s been radical and we’re really grateful to have had this time and space to explore this stuff.

More from us soon, I’m sure.

– David F


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