Breathe. For now.


I’ve been back in Australia about a week now and I’m just about adjusted (though I went for a run this morning and oh wow what is this heat I don’t remember this).

When friends and family have asked about what I did in London, I’ve told them we made an “interactive-board-games-style-lecture-where-people-play-games-to-build-and-manage-a-music-festival-and-through-doing-so-learn-about-complex-systems.” I don’t even use ‘the M word’ anymore. Not unless they ask more questions. And lo, people completely understand what I’m talking about. From my point of view, at least, I think a lot of our communication problems have eased a bit now that we’ve seen (and recorded) the show in action.

When they’ve asked me how it went, I’ve said “incredibly well.” The pre-BAC showing at the Environment Institute left us all really excited and confident that we could make it work. Because of that, we got to spend most of the BAC week making the scratch polished (relatively), slick, and full of as much material as we could fit in. It was lovely to spend our last week doing that rather than trying to force something broken to work. Obviously there’s a lot more to be done, but I think we showed (to ourselves more than anyone, perhaps) that this mode of performance can absolutely work to get across the kind of messages we want to share, through the kind of interactions we’ve been interested in.

Which brings us to the future. I’m very excited about giving this some time to breathe, and coming back with fresh ideas to keep developing it, with an eye on the excellent feedback we’ve received from our scratches.

It’s been a thoroughly exciting process so far. We’ve achieved a lot of the goals we set ourselves at the end of September but there’s so much more we can do. Meeting and working with all the people we’ve had involved has been absolutely fantastic, and for my own creative practice, hugely enriching.

And when my friends and family have asked what exactly I mean by eighteen excited people driving little wooden rubbish trucks around a felt-covered music festival, I’ve showed them this video. See you soon, Modelling Play.



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