Starting the final run up


It’s May 2014. After kicking off the R&D phase of this project nearly three years ago, we’re now in the run up to the final stage of development and the first performances, taking place at the London Science Museum this November.

We began this last stage of creative development with a weekend at the south coast of NSW this week.

Now Best Festival Ever is a complex synthesis of ideas, modes and approaches, but at one level you can look at the show as comprising three things:
– a board game
– a theatre show
– a science lecture

We began by throwing ourselves at the game element of it – by playing a whole suite of board games. Over two days, we chewed through Galaxy Truckers, Dix It, Power Grid, Tigris and Euphrates, Bohnanza, Mice and Mystics, String Railway and Space Cadet.

It’s a pretty idyllic creative development – sitting by a fireplace on an autumn night playing games – but it was actually really productive. It had a lot to do with expanding our palette of game mechanisms, ensuring we have a diverse range of tools and tactics up our sleeve to fit any situation we might encounter when we piece together the final version of the show in London over September – October.

All of this prompted a lot of really fascinating conversation, too, which I can’t completely capture. I’ll leave it with one question: How much gameplay (number of games and size of games) should this show include?


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