Eyes on the prize

IMG_7104 copy

So as we start our week at Battersea Arts Centre, heading towards our first public scratch season this Thursday. Setting up the space today, what felt really nice was how much work we’ve done in the last month and a bit. There’s a lot still to do, and a real distance from where we are to where we hope to get to, but it certainly feels like we’re fixing and tightening a working piece of theatre, rather than trying to build one out of sketches.

It’s so lovely having Gary’s design all here now to play with, and having a script to work off, and all the other elements that we’ve had to work hard to put in place. I felt a moment of being able to acknowledge how far this piece has come since we first began research, or even in the last few weeks.

Of course, along with that comes the awareness of how much there is still to do, and how far we hope to get. One of the biggest challenges with this work has been the shifting goalposts – every separate development, every week, every day, we’re working towards a different goal, and assessing ourselves against different measures. With a few days out from opening, I guess it’s really important to make sure we still have our eyes on the bigger picture.

IMG_7088 copy

So with that in mind, I guess my question is, How can we best use this scratch to set us up for the next stage of development?

– David


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