End of a BAC scratch season


After a pretty big week, we finished up the third of our three public scratch shows at BAC last night – it was a really lovely experience, and we’re feeling very fortunate to get the opportunity to test the work out there.

It’s a pretty lovely thing to get to run the show three times with real audiences, and it gave us a set of ideas and understandings that we couldn’t have gotten through anything else. Broadly, I think, the show works – with lots of caveats and challenges that we now need to address. The biggest one for me is the flow between the science and the game elements – the ideas in the work sometimes felt a little choppy. What to do about this I’m not exactly sure yet, though I have one or two thoughts…

We’re now about to head into our last week of development before kicking off shows at the London Science Museum. This is an interesting challenge and opportunity. On the one hand, we don’t want to pull things apart too much and miss our chance to really tighten up and refine the slightly rougher elements of the work. On the other hand, we want to make the best use of this opportunity to really get our teeth into what’s working and what’s not, and to lift this play up a notch.

So I’m wondering, What can we achieve in the next four days to take us further forward?

– David



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