2016: A week with Forum for the Future


So it’s 2016, and we’re back to work. This year is going to be a busy one, with a big project taking place in Sweden: more on that in a moment.

To begin with, though, we packed up and headed off from the Canberra / Sydney January heatwave, straight out to London winter for a week with Forum for the Future.

Forum is an independent non-profit that works with businesses and governments to try to build sustainability practices. Their toolkit is drawn from systems science, as is ours, and there’s long been a good fit. So after a lot of discussion and planning, we kicked off and spent a week together exploring what a potential collaboration might look like.


That included, among other things, a performance of Best Festival Ever at the Proud Archivist gallery in Haggerston, showing off the show to an audience of corporate, government and NGO figures, and sitting with them afterwards to unpack some of their own systems challenges. And spending a couple of days with Forum’s Systems Innovations Lab, sharing a little of our working practices and digging into theirs.

One highlight was a game design workshop we ran with them, which included building a scrappy bundle of new games, rapidly prototyping them, testing them and then teasing them apart. This was really satisfying, partly because it was excellent practice for Sweden, and partly because making games is always fun. Making games is a better game than playing games.


Okay, so my question here is: Forum, what happens next with us?

– David


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