Back to BFE

The Best Festival Ever team is back for round two!


As of a few days ago we have headed back into development mode and are beginning our next project: a re-skinning of the BFE prototype for a real life complex system -in Stockholm, Sweden.


While we’re here we’ll be getting to grips with the Flaten-Skarpnak area and systems. Flaten is an area in the outskirts of Stockholm which is a kind of nature reserve. There is a lake and swimming area – where many older generations learned to swim in years past – and a forest. We’re working with a group called Milioverkstan who will be filling us in and helping us with the context of this complex system we’ll be working with. We’ll be working  for a total of four weeks initially, with plans to return to complete the project for performance by November 2016.

Flaten1It’s new for us to be working with a real life system. We have extensive experience in creating a simulated complex system, styling it to best facilitate explanation of different effects seen in, or common to, complex systems. This is the easy bit – we can (and have) made systems that suit our explaining and storytelling needs – but now we have to work differently. Coming to a real life system is daunting. Not only because of the unknown environmental and cultural environment, but because the people who use this area are real people, have real connections to it, and will have real feelings about us wandering in and presenting the environment they have a connection with to them. We are very aware of this, and will be treading with respect and awareness, but it’s the things we won’t see that concern me the most.

There is a lot to be excited about though – living and working in Stockholm for a month, learning about a new system completely outside our own and getting a chance to learn what it is to work with a real life community to achieve a representation/game of a real life complex system (and the promise of more snow!).

My question is: How can we gain the most comprehensive picture of a system we have no experience of, within a culture with have a limited understanding of? 

– Nikki


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