A Flaten string game

IMG_7090 copy

An earlier version of a string game.

An audience gathers around a mat. There is a map of the lake area. Plenty of details, rock climbing, beaches, a path around the lake, etcetera.

Handed out to everyone there are several bundles of wool, each with card. On the card is a list of place to visit. You have to use the wool to connect each of the places on the list.

A list might look like:


Henrik – teenager

  • Start, end in the carpark
  • Visit the beach to swim
  • Go to the gym to get swole
  • Find another teen and mess about in the forest.


Agnes – Skarpnäck local

  • Start, end at Skarpnäck
  • Go around the lake
  • look for storlom at the foot of the lake
  • Visit the camp site and make a complaint about the rubbish


Albert – police officer

  • Start, end carpark
  • Go to the forest to look for ‘lost’ kids
  • Assist life guards at the beach
  • Visit campground to follow up on complaints


Fredrika – long term camper

  • Start, end at campsite
  • Go to the beach to swim
  • DO NOT CROSS ANY OTHER STRING! If you are spotted, someone may make a complaint and you could be evicted.


and a question:

There are way too many systems in Flaten for us to gamify them all. can we mention these in other games, or will that lead to too much information?




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