Modelling Play (now ‘Best Festival Ever‘) is an interactive performance lecture that demonstrates concepts from systems thinking in a creative context. Using a music festival as an example of a complex system, Modelling Play explores how systems function, and how resilience makes them less vulnerable to shocks.

In Modelling Play, a playing audience seated around a large table takes part in a series of games and activities following the planning and execution of a new music festival. This three-day music festival is located in the countryside with a lineup of pop bands and camping for 10,000 people.

Through 8-10 interactive sequences drawing on mechanisms from boardgaming, audiences work together to construct and program their own music festival. They experience the festival through a variety of characters and stories as it moves to the brink of disaster and back again.

This is a show for theatres, conferences, museums, meeting rooms and classrooms. It is intended for an audience of around 15-25 people, ages 13 and up. The show runs from approximately an hour. Modelling Play offers a creative way to engage in systems science and explores concepts such as interconnectivity, thresholds and feedback loops.

Modelling Play is a work by Australian science-theatre ensemble Boho Interactive, in collaboration with associate artists from Applespiel.

Download the Modelling Play information pack.